Startseite > X > Federal Reserve drückt US-Staatsanleihen mit derivativen Leerverkäufen

Federal Reserve drückt US-Staatsanleihen mit derivativen Leerverkäufen

Der Crash ist vorprogrammiert. Dies Amis selbst sprechen schon vom „Ponzi Scheme“ (Schneeballsystem) US-Dollar. Ben Bernanke is now quite possibly the second coming of Joe Cassano, since in order to keep rates low, Bernanke is forced to a last resort action of selling billions upon billions of Treasury puts to „pin“ rates low contrary to natural supply-demand mechanics.

Die Posten werden verheimlicht:

Federal Resere „Other Assets„, which as we have been disclosing for quite some time is now a not too negligible, and very much record, $125 billion!  That’s right, the Fed has $125 billion in other assets, whose definition is so broad they could well be anything and everything, and which we have a sinking suspicion could well include among them the „net“ exposure the Fed currently is booking on its swaption book.

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